Josh Eastman

Josh Eastman Releases Debut Album & Single

We are very excited and proud to announce that Studio Cloud 30’s very own Josh Eastman has released both a single and an album.

His debut single ‘Cope’ was released on July 18th, and his debut album ‘Cold Tiles’ is out today, Saturday, July 28th. Both are available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more!

Q: What genre(s) are you working in for this album?

All the songs are primarily electronic, but there’s definitely a wide range of styles. There’s elements of pop, alternative, R&B and experimental music.

Q: What roles did you play in creating these songs?

I’d written the music and lyrics, and then did the sound design, recording, engineering, and editing before sending it off to the folks at Fader Mountain, to be mixed and mastered.

Q: Do you have a theme for the album?

Yes. Every song is about a different kind of binary. Things that seem to be separate, or opposite, but ultimately are two perspectives of the same story. Some are personal stories, and others are observations.

Want to Book a Session with Josh?

Joshua Eastman is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and composer who teaches at Studio Cloud 30. He has performed with award-winning groups, trained with world-renowned musicians, and is versed in over 10 instruments. To book a session with him, contact us or book online.