Zoi Weekley Wins Delta’s Got Talent!

We are delighted to let you know that one of our clients, Zoi Weekley, won first place in the 12-15 age category at Delta’s Got Talent! We were lucky enough to interview Zoi last week and here is what she had to say:

Congratulation on winning first place at this year’s Delta’s Got Talent! What song did you sing for your winning performance?
I sang the song “What About Us” by Pink.
How long have you been singing and what got you into music?
I started to realize I liked to sing around the age of 5-6 and I really got into it because my parents would always be singing in the house and car.
Who is your favourite artist? 
My favourite artist is Adele.
How have vocal lessons helped you develop your talent?
Singing at Studio Cloud 30 has helped me by teaching me new techniques and how to chose the right songs for my voice.
What advice would you give other young singers? 
Believe in yourself and take the constructive criticism and use it as some stuff to work on.
What plans do you have next? Would you like to pursue singing as a career?
I plan on staying with Studio Cloud 30 and doing as many of the performances as I can and I’m just taking every opportunity I can get. Yes I would love to pursue a career in music.
Fun fact: Zoi was in dance for 9 years!