Sophia Riou releases debut single “Complicated”

Sophia Riou’s “Complicated” is a bilingual track and it’s definitely one to look out for! Check it out on Soundcloud. We couldn’t help but ask her more about it.


What was it about ‘Complicated’ that made you want to release it as your first official song?

I wrote the lyrics for “Complicated” during a confusing time, where my feelings were all over the place. I decided one night to find a random beat on YouTube and write down my feelings on my journal. I really liked the vibe from the song but I felt like it was missing something. I felt like it was a good idea to ask my close friend, if he wanted to be on the song. Originally, I wanted it to be my own solo song, but Izmael showed me his lyrics one day and I instantly thought of putting him on the track. We both attend a french school, so it would be a perfect song to perform at our school events and give a different sound that not a lot of people come out with. Lots of artists are using different diversity in there songs, so it had to be released. I showed a few of my close friends what they thought of the song before it came out, and they told me right away that I had to release it.

How long have you had an interest for singing?

I’ve always had a passion for music in general since a child. I really got into it when I turned nine, I would analyze the lyrics of songs, remember them and perform in front of my family. I really took it seriously, a few years ago. It’s completely shaped me into the person I am today.

Has there been any experiences or opportunities at Studio Cloud 30 that have helped in the production of this single and also in your personal development?

I was luckily enough to find someone independent to produce the song through my good friend. Taking singing lessons with Studio Cloud 30 was the best decision I’ve ever made. In the winter of 2016, I performed at The Xmas factor through the Studio. I didn’t make it through, but this girl named Melissa was a student through Studio Cloud 30 and offered me a free lesson. I obviously took the lesson and I instantly knew I had to go back to this Studio. Kristen showed me who I was and she showed me my capability in music. She understood my genre of music and who I wanted to be. Warren was a huge support as well, traveling to Toronto with him was a incredible memory. I couldn’t thank Kristen and Warren enough for everything they’ve done for me, because they gave me confidence and showed me who I was. 

What do you think is the difference between a good song and a great song?

In my opinion, it’s the originality you put into your craft. Your work should be based on you, and not someone else. I wanted to put something more original and get the attention of others, so I decided to put Izmael into the song. It’s important for your audience to connect to the song as well. People wanna hear that they’re not by themselves when listening to something, you can either dance or relate to a song. It’s also very important to make sure you have rhythm in your lines. Having a different sound can make a song into a great song.