Connor Nelson Releases Debut Single, "Psychic"

Connor Nelson Releases Debut Single, “Psychic”

Proud doesn’t even begin to explain how we feel about our long time student, Connor Nelson’s debut single “Psychic”. This new funky jam is just in time for summer and we’re sure you’re going to love it as much as we do.

“Psychic” is now available for purchase on iTunes, and Amazon Music. It is also available for streaming on Spotify, and Apple Music!

What was your inspiration for your debut single “Psychic”?

My inspiration for this track was actually myself! As someone who deals with anxiety, I wanted to write a song that really captured how I feel in the moments when my anxiety is looming over me. To me, the production of the song represents the positive atmosphere around me, but the lyrics of the song showcase what’s going on inside of my brain.

What part of production did you enjoy the most?

I love the writing process, of just getting the lyrics written down, and then editing it up until it has become what you’ve wanted it to be. That process of your ideas becoming better and better really is the most satisfying thing.

What role(s) did you play in the making of the song?

Well about a year ago in May, I had produced a track and wrote a song to it. I practiced it a couple of times and then realized I didn’t like what I was singing and ended up re-writing the song about 5 different times before it was “Psychic”. Once I had tweaked the track to just where I wanted it, I got into contact with Adam Stanton and we polished up the lyrics and discussed the overall vibe we wanted the song to be (production wise

What advice do you have for someone who may be looking to get into music and join Studio Cloud 30?

For someone who wants to do this as a career, please take care of your vocal cords! They are not replaceable so please don’t take them for granted. Try to perform live as much as you can, and enter competitions not to win, but to gain experience as a performer. You can’t grow if you never get out of your comfort zone. Studio Cloud 30 is one of the few vocal studios that offer clients amazing opportunities to perform at events around the lower mainland. Karolyn Haze from Studio Cloud 30 made me the vocalist I am today, and gave me the confidence to be the artist that I am today.

What are your plans in terms of new music? Can we expect an album from you anytime soon?

In June I will be graduating high school, and in the summer I will be working on new music. I’m going to the Nimbus School of Recording & Media in the fall for their Audio Engineering program, so that I can learn to take my demos to the next level and produce my own music. I’ve been writing so many songs and constantly editing them that it feels like I could make an album right now if I wanted to. As for new music, I’ve always said that I am a visual person and I love dropping hints, so you may have to keep an extra eye on me for that.