Client of the Week: TALIA LAL

Welcome back to our Client Corner! This week we would like to introduce you to Talia!

What brought you to Studio Cloud 30? talia-4opti

My parents are friends with Catrina Centanni’s parents. She has worked with Warren for many years. They suggested that we come to Studio Cloud 30.

Who’s your musical inspiration? In what way do they inspire you? 

talia1-optiTaylor Swift is my musical inspiration. I think she is awesome because she always writes great songs about life experiences that everyone can relate to. She tells the truth and you can see her feelings in her performances. I have seen her in concert two times, and she always uses the stage to give inspiring messages.

When did you become involved with music? 

I have been singing ever since I could talk. We have videos of me at about 2 years old singing in the tub. My mom says I would always just sing anywhere, to go to sleep, in the car, or while I was playing.

Is there anything interesting you’ve learned over these past couple weeks that you want to share? talia-opti

Kristen has been teaching me how to sing notes that I didn’t think I could sing.

Do you play any instruments?

I have tried piano, and we get to learn guitar in school this year. I have enjoyed guitar and would like to learn more.

FUN FACT: Talia has a sweet tooth! In her spare time, she loves watching DIY videos and painting her nails with fun designs and patterns!