Client of the Week: SOPHIA MESSADO

This week, we are featuring the talented, Sophia Messado!

What’s been your favourite thing about Studio Cloud 30?Sophia Messado

The people here are absolutely amazing, including the staff as well, you just feel comfortable when you come in.

So you’re a part of Top Line Vocal Collective, what’s enjoyable about it? And how long have you been with the group?

I love it! For one, it brings me out of my shell… I was very nervous, and I still am, but it’s getting better. The whole group is encouraging, which for me, is one of the most important things I’ve gotten out of it.

If you have one, who’s your musical inspiration?

Oh boy, at my age, you have a few… I will say, I love Adele, not because everybody else loves her, but simply because she’s herself. She wears some god-awful stuff, but it’s relevant to her. She just goes out there and does her thang and you just fall in love with her because she’s who she is. I love her voice, her personality, and just everything about her. Before her, it was Whitney but she’s no longer here.

Sophia MessadoWhat’s been your favourite musical experience? A performance…? A goal you’ve achieved…?

Singing in a commercial.

Which one?

For Subway! My son and daughter were with me so that’s why it was memorable. It was a family affair!

Do you have any tips for beginners or anyone wanting to get into music?

If you’re just starting out, I would say find a place like Studio Cloud 30. Not because I’m going here but, really and honestly, find a place like this and get the ground work and level right first.

FUN FACT: She has decided to embrace her natural hair and do dreds!