Client of the Week: KATHY FORD

Welcome to our client corner, where we introduce you to some of our talented Studio Cloud 30 artists! This week, our feature client is Kathy Ford.

What brought you to Studio Cloud 30?


Top Line Vocal Collective brought me to Studio Cloud 30. I got to Top Line because I’m in another choir and, some people I am Facebook friends with posted the first promo picture from Top Line. I knew them from the other choir and I wondered what this was, so I searched a bit, and I discovered it. This was in the first summer, about three months after it started. I joined Top Line, and then I realized that, while I’ve been singing a long time, I really, really needed to get some technique and improve my singing. I knew Studio Cloud 30 had vocal lessons, and I knew a lot of people taking them. I thought, “Ah, I should do this!”, and I did.

What’s so enjoyable about being a part of Top Line Vocal Collective?

The music is amazing, the musicality is amazing, the expectations of us are high. which, I really like. We’re not “babied” along, we’re expected to learn and I really like that. And I really like how we’re expected to act like professionals and practice like professionals.. Another huge part is, the people in there are amazing, they’re like family. It’s honestly so much fun being with them and making music with them that there’s times when you’re on stage, and the sound comes out, and a little part of you which is focused on helping make that sound is going, “Oh my gosh-” It’s just incredible, there’s nothing like it. 

When did you start singing and why?

I’ve always sung! My mom used to sing, my dad sings and used to play the trumpet. We grew up with music in the household. Nobody had lessons but, we would just, sing… I’ve always sung in the car, I’ve jammed with friends, and I’ve sung with brief bands for specific projects. I can’t remember ever not singing, I’ve always sung.

IMG_7398Do you have a specific artist or band that you’ve always been influenced by, or that you just love?

I like a huge range of music. Besides popular music- cause I grew up in England in the 60’s when there was this huge Britpop explosion- so, I liked the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and I liked all of those bands. We also had Classical music in our household and Big Band music. . I can’t say there’s any one that I like more than others but, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, K-OS and Joni Mitchell too…there’s just too many to really name…

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing?

Take lessons, or join a community choir to start with, there’s lots and lots of choirs out there. That gets you used to the idea of singing and being comfortable because you’re in a big group and you’re supported so you don’t stand out there by yourself. I really wish I would have started taking lessons a lot earlier than I did, so… Just sing! Don’t ever stop singing, sing everywhere, sing in the car, sing in the shower!

Be sure to catch Kathy at all the future Top Line Vocal Collective performances! Be sure to check back next week to find out who will be featured next.