Client of the Week: JOANNE YEN

Welcome back to our Client Corner. This week we’d like to introduce you to… Joanne!!

How has Studio Cloud 30 helped develop you as an artist? 

The studio has helped me develop a stronger singing voice as well as expanding my vocal range. It has also given me confidence performing in front of an audience with all the recitals/concerts that they put on. I’ve also learned how to better phrase the lyrics when singing.

Why did you become involved with Top Line?

I love to sing and what better way to sing with other people that love to sing. Also, I love Warren and Kat. They are so positive, giving and supportive of all the members of Top Line. I always want to be surrounded by people that are positive and who make you feel good.

What’s your experience with Top Line been like?

It’s been a positive and inspirational experience for me. I love all the charity events we are involved with and all the little gigs that we do. It exposes us to all different kinds of events that we would not otherwise have the chance to experience. All the members are so supportive of each other, so giving and fun to be around. It’s like a second family to me.

Who did you grow up listening to and who do you listen to now?

Okay, you’re going to laugh. I listened to Donny Osmond (a huge crush), the Partridge Family (even though it wasn’t a real band), the Carpenters and the Bee Gees.

I’m young at heart so I like Justin Bieber, his songs are pretty good, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Michael Buble, Adele and Kelly Carkson. I also like Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett. I listen to a wide range of music.

When did you start singing and why?

I started singing in high school, grade 8. I joined the choir, and small singing ensembles during my high school years. I loved the idea of singing in the choir and doing harmony parts. It was just fun. Plus we got to go on choir trips.

FUN FACT: In her early 20’s, Joanne tried out to be a BC Lions cheerleader (now called Felions)!