Client of the Week: CONNOR NELSON

Back to our client corner, this week, we interviewed Connor!

connor-2What has been your experience like at Studio Cloud 30?

It’s been a really great experience. I’ve been learning a lot, I just love it.

What’s something interesting you’ve learned?

One of the interesting things that I’ve learned is learning to sing through your nose… It can be really helpful but if you do it too much you’ll just sound like a whining baby.

When did you start singing and do you play an instrument along with singing?

I started singing when I was around six. I play piano and I’m just starting to learning how to play the guitar!

How did you become involved with music?

Well, from a very young age I sang around the house a lot, and then my mom signed me up for vocal lessons and that’s kind of how I started.

Do you have an artist or band that you really look up to?

Yesss, I love, love Demi Lovato so much. Her voice is just so unbelievably powerful, I just love everything about her!


FUN FACT: He only likes to eat with small utensils!