Client of the Week: ANTHONY LABRUSCA

This week, we are featuring our client… Anthony! 12-anthony

What’s your experience been like at Studio Cloud 30?
My experience with Studio Cloud 30 has been amazing. This has been one of the best studios that I’ve ever been to. Overall, it’s been very good.

What’s something interesting you’ve learned in the past couple weeks?

The techniques that are used here are definitely really different from what I’ve learned in the past. The nasal technique especially, has been interesting.

8-anthonyHow did you get into singing?
I’ve always enjoyed singing ever since I was little. I’ve never gotten any proper training with it, so I never knew what to really do with my voice. I have always had a love for music, but now I’m starting to take it more seriously.


Who’s3-anthony your musical inspiration? Do you have a favourite artist?
I do have a favourite artist, his name is Jeremy Passion, on YouTube. He’s my go to guy in terms of music, and his personality, especially how humble he is. I know that I need to find myself, as an artist, so whenever I need to look up to someone to have a guide, I refer myself to Jeremy Passion.

What do you like to do other than music?

I am a gymnast, I pole dance… and I’m also a barber!

FUN FACT: When he was younger, Anthony used to think he was a merman, and to this day, he’s afraid of sea monsters.